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Welcome to The Marchutz School Alumni Website.

The Resident Alumni Fellows are proud to welcome you to our new alumni site.  Thank you for visiting.

Our mission is:

  • To gather the friends of the Marchutz School 

  • To build an engaged Alumni Community

  • To raise money to support the development of the school's facilities, people, and programming

We invite you to navigate on this site to meet us, the current Alumni Fellows, check out The Fellowship Program, and catch up with images and stories from the school through the Fellows' Blog. We would also love for you to have a look at our Community page. We are bringing our alumni together with events in the United States so please share a little about yourself with us, tell us who you've kept up with and help us gather a rich community of artists and creative supporters. 

We have started a campaign to raise funds for the school. All of us who love The Marchutz School know there is much to be done. To achieve our dreams we need external financial support. Please consider donating to support Community development, help fund our Campus Project, and sustain scholarships and grants for the Alumni Fellows Program.

You can help us by donating any amount, sharing this page with your friends and fellow alumni, and by subscribing to our email list and sharing your input through our Community  page. We will contact you about an array of activities that we're planning, which includes a garden party Alumni Reunion in summer 2016!

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Dear Alumni,

Last year one of our illustrious alums from 1978, Ben Haggard came through Aix. As we reminisced and walked through the hills of the Chateaunoir, Ben said, “Alan, you guys have such incredible community and dialogue within the walls of the studio but once you leave… it stops.”

Well, we are so grateful for our fellows who have taken it upon themselves to create this site, start this much needed conversation, and, yes, help us create financial support to fulfill our dreams.  

They are moving the dialogue beyond the studio, into your lives, and creating support for all of you working in disparate and sometimes lonesome places. So many times we hear of two alumni meeting in front of some painting in some museum and joyfully getting acquainted. Perhaps this site can make such encounters a regular event. Perhaps we can share with each other our experience in the field, support exhibitions and gatherings in the U.S., and give alumni a forum within which to speak.  

With our dynamic President Carl Jubran leading us, the Marchutz School of Fine Arts is growing rapidly. With facility improvements, new courses in Sculpture, Creative Writing, Archaeology, Photography, Film, and Art History, and our expansion into Spain and Morocco, we are taking our special form of arts education into other realms. There are a lot of new developments here in Aix to share with you all! Let’s begin.  

Alumni Fellows, thank you for your commitment and dedication to this project. There is nothing more gratifying than watching young artists carry it forward and passing it on. 


- Alan Roberts '75 

Dean, The Marchutz School of Fine Arts



Thank you for your support of The Marchutz School of Fine Arts.