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Stone and Holt Weeks

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Last night, in anticipation of Venice, we at the Marchutz School paused to remember Stone and Holt Weeks, the only sons of Linton Weeks, a Washington DC journalist, and Alumna Jan Taylor Weeks, a former teacher at the school.  These two passionate and giving boys were tragically taken from us in 2009, but their legacy and hard work lives on.  We encourage everyone to take a few minutes to check out the website of the foundation dedicated to these wonderful young men, at www.stoneandholtweeksfoundation.org and to reflect on what it means to “Do good, have fun, and make the world a better place for all.” Congratulations to Stone and Holt Weeks Scholarship recipients: Conan Zhao, Kate Woestemeyer, O'Neill Cushman, and Nick Velleman.