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The Road...um, I mean Canal...to Venice

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Image Monet, The Grand Canal


Kokoschka, Boats on the Dogana


Guardi, Vedute der Isola di San Pietro di Castello


Turner, S. Giorgio Maggiore

Every spring, the Marchutz School takes a painting trip to Venice. Being one of the most painted, photographed, and filmed cities in the world, Venice is a fitting environment for our artists.

When I attended Marchutz in 2009, it was only for the fall semester. As a result, I was bereft of the opportunity to join the school and paint in the alluring City of Canals. Every account I heard from friends who did attend Marchutz in the spring, maintained that the Venice trip was possibly the highest point in their semester.

Luckily, this time around I get to go. However, it's hard to pinpoint exactly what I am most excited about. Is it the beautiful architecture? The highly acclaimed sunrises? The element of water flowing through the city like life-giving blood?  The freedom to paint on my own time, at my own rhythm and pace? The Peroni?

John arranged a presentation for us this morning, showing us pictures of Venice and paintings by artists who have worked in Venice. I could hardly contain my excitement during it. I just wanted to shout, "John! Enough already! My heart is nearly bursting at the seams!"

Now, it's the night of our departure. Our bus leaves in three and a half hours. As sleepiness descends on me, my swelling excitement keeps me going as I finish preparing some surfaces, cut wine corks, and do some last minute packing. See you on the other side!  Arrivederci!

-Nick Velleman, Alumni Fellow