L'École Marchutz

Couleur - François de Asis

Marchutz Fellow

This weekend was a big one for French art. The Marchutz School hosted, in the IAU's main hall, a reading and book signing by French painter François de Asis and poet Yves Bergeret.  The book, Couleur, is the second in a diptych, which includes it and its predecessor, Dessin. The books are works of art.  Writings by Bergeret accompany illustrations by de Asis.  It is an astonishing mix of two arts, one complimenting, informing the other.

Preparations for the reading started about a week ago.  There were paintings to select and mount, two slideshows, and more.  But there is nothing as satisfying as seeing something this important come together.

I had met François prior to the event, as he makes a point to come to all of the Marchutz School’s shows.  He is an unassuming man with an artist’s eyes.  Dark and piercing, they look ceaselessly out from behind their lids.  All afternoon, he ran back and forth between the Aix-Center, and Gallerie Vincent Brecker, also in Aix, where he would have a Vernissage the next day.

Finally, about two hours before our doors would open to the public, Yves Bergeret arrived.  His presence, like his poetry, is the perfect compliment for François de Asis.  Much larger in stature and with a voice that seems capture the sound of both thunder and a cello, Bergeret absorbs the world through shimmering blue eyes.  Together they are full of life.  Their jovial French sarcasm lights up the faces of those around them.

Once the public had found their seats and introductions had been made, the lights went down and the reading began.  “BAMBOUS!” Yves’ voice boomed out, filling the chapel.  As he read his poetry, images were projected.  It was absolutely breathtaking.




For more information on the books, see: http://www.fatamorgana.fr/noms/francois-de-asis