L'École Marchutz

Student Voices: Andi Wallace

Marchutz Fellow

“Everything is always changing, and even though we go to this mountain, and I may go to my favorite spot each time, it’s always different.  It’s different in the way the light hits each peak, or each tree surrounding it, and the sky is always a new variation of colors.”

“We’re here to find light.  The light comes from within us, and it emanates out of what we see.  It is the presence, and not just a ray that shines from the sky, or a piece of canvas that’s left white.  That’s why we’re here, to find the ‘whole’ and the ‘light’ that is at the heart of a place or a person or thing. “

“In learning about this landscape, and this light, and about each other, we’re learning about how we see.  With all of this painting, and reading, French speaking, and a fair amount of wine tasting, I might’ve said before that I’ve grown.  That being here has helped me to think differently, and see differently.  But now, I think I can say that being here has helped me to become more myself.  And I don’t want to leave…”

Quotes and Images from student Andi Wallace.