L'École Marchutz

Léo, Un Portrait Musical

Hilary Stein

This January, a few of us at the Marchutz School were profoundly fortunate to attend a live musical performance dedicated to its founder, Leo Marchutz, held at the historic “Camp des Milles,” a former French internment camp where Marchutz was detained during WWII.

Marc-Olivier Dupin, inspired by texts from Leo Marchutz, wrote the score for the concert. It was interpreted by the Marseille Woodwind Quintet.

The music was accompanied by images and texts by Marchutz, shedding light on his life and work with a poignancy well matched to the delicate wind instruments being played in his honor. A performance of his writings conveyed the story of his life from his beginnings in his hometown of Nuremberg through his voyage to Aix-en-Provence and the Chateau Noir where he resided for nearly 40 years.

In the words of Dupin, the concert was intended to be a "plunge into the universe of Leo." Of the task of composing a musical tribute to the artist, he aimed for "a certain subjectivity, as though I were composing music for a documentary film about Leo. And also to translate the humanism, the kindness and humor of his character."

Translated from Dupin: "L’idée est plutôt d’assumer une certaine subjectivité un peu comme si je composais la musique d’un film documentaire sur Léo. Et également de traduire l’humanisme, la gentillesse et l’humour du personnage."

Immense thanks goes to Monsieur Dupin, Camp des Milles and the children and grandchildren of Leo Marchutz for making this concert possible.

- Hilary Stein