L'École Marchutz

Master of Fine Arts | Dean's Statement

A Different Kind of MFA.

After forty years of experience with art education at the undergraduate level, The Marchutz School of Fine Arts is pleased to introduce its unique MFA degree program that combines studio practice with liberal arts and field studies.

We have seen, over the past 40 years, fascinating and unique concepts introduced into the artistic dialogue. At the same time we recognize there is a serious lack of rigor and sustained study into the nature of art itself as defined by 35,000 years of examples of it.  The professionalization and commodification of the art market, in tandem with the relentless drumbeat to look forever forward and never back, has perhaps weakened the lineage between the past, the now, and the future in the spheres of art and art education.  Thus, much of the art work we see today is technically brilliant but short-lived, and too often, void of meaning.  "I am the primitive of a new art," Cézanne wrote, but he added, "one does not replace the past, one only adds a new link."  The link is of significant importance. 

Located in the south of France, the school is uniquely situated to give artists the means to experiment in the studio and the landscape as well as delve into the minds and works of some of the most renowned and revered masters of painting and sculpture within the European heritage.

The Marchutz School of Fine Arts graduate program is one in which a sustained effort in front of the visible world, a desire to compare and contrast the art of multiple generations and cultures, and a patient faith in one's own imagination can be supported and nourished.  The apprenticeship model enhances the artists' relationships to works of all generations in such a fashion that their contemporary work, regardless of style or medium, may coincide with the art of the past while simultaneously revealing the uniqueness of identity, time and place.

At The Marchutz School of Fine Arts, we believe such a linkage eventually yields a more powerful expression of significant meaning and a more comprehensive sense of belonging in the world.


-Alan Roberts

Dean, Marchutz School of Fine Arts

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